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We have arranged a great selection of Automotive Forums here for our users. There is a forum for everyone. These forums are not limited to only Japanese chat and conversation so feel free to broaden your conversations and questions. This forum is Free to use and will remain so until further notice. We may from time to time offer some paid affiliate links that we feel are helpful. By the way, we are based in Okinawa Japan enjoying the sunshine and ocean.
Yes, we know there are thousands of Car Forums out there but there is not one that's completely dedicated to Japan. This is! Get posting today! Remember that if you post on a forum like this your voice stays forever whereas on social media it's gone the same day. Have A Voice Here

Other Manufacturers

Japan is host to Car Manufacturers from all corners including Volvo, Holden, Saab, Trekka, Lada, Kia, and Daiwoo just to name a few. You may not see these cars in huge volume here but you will find them and there is plenty to talk about at the same time.
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This part of the Forum is dedicated to all those brands that didn't make the main forums but will not be forgotten all the same as there is some legendry magic in many of these lesser-known brands. Join in.
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